Who are we?

We are Mo Bounce!


Mo Bounce brings the party and energy to a performance like no other playing the funkiest dance hits from past to present! Always booking, join the party and get ready for you and your guests to dance the time away. Mo Bounce exists to fill a void in New England with authentic-sounding, danceable, funky hits with raw entertaining performance and style!


"We care how we sound and perform. There's no artificial flavor in what we do. Mo Bounce will make you feel that bounce! We'll make you bop your head saying, 'Ohhh, this is the real deal!' "   ______________
— Bren (Lead Vocalist)


The uniqueness about Mo Bounce is our ability to adapt to your band needs. We can be a powerful 5-piece band. But if an event requires a bigger band, Mo Bounce can expand to a full 8 or 9-piece powerhouse with added female & male vocals along with 2-horn section.

Booking all over the New England area. Pro sound and lighting. Mo Bounce is equipped to provide a night of entertainment your event or venue requires to make it a successful one.


Mo Bounce has been booking and performing at various venues in the New England area for over 4 years. Contact Mo Bounce for your next function, event, party or celebration.


When you need mo' music, mo' dancing and mo' fun...you need MO BOUNCE!



Bren - Lead Vocal/Manager

Feri Bong - Bass

Paul Jones - Drums / Backup Vocal

Simon Mongtrison - Keys

Wain Jonze - Gutar

Alanna Underwood - Female Vocalist

JesscX - Female Vocalist

Louisa Foong- Keys Sub

Wei Hsing Ooi- Keys Sub

Byron Marks - Guitar Sub

Phillip Young - Sax

Peter Handy - Sax

Marc Anthony Thompson - Sax

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